– Where all menus are seasoned with love & happiness bringing the natural and real taste, flavour and Aroma from Farm to plate –

At Urmatt, we offer Certified Organic Seasoning Blends with our prestige experiences and freshness & finest of Herbs, spices and vegetables raw materials grown by ourselves (farmers) in Northern area of Thailand, in natural and organic farms where clean mountainous water and fresh climate ensure the healthy growth of some of the most delicious raw materials of the world.

We serve custom blends from our inhouse facilities/Operations, with various applications for Manufacturing Industries and Food Services by our inhouse Research & Development Food Scientist team, works with each customer to formulate topical delicious seasoning powders & sauces.

Full traceability of whole Organic Supply Chain, certified USDA & EU Organic by ECOCERT, with GMP, HACCP and BRC Food Quality Standard.

Bring Freshness & Deliciousness to your Organic Ingredients to serve Asian & Western Dishes/Menus.

Feel free to come to us whether you are a sourcing manager for Industries, or a chef. Our Organic Seasonings has the solutions for you!

Applications for Food Industries:

• Organic Snacks: Chips, Crackers, Nuts

• Others customized to your needs

• Organic Glazing Sauce: for grilled, fried, roasted Meats

• Organic Marinade: for Plant based protein or Meats

• Organic Ready-to-eat meals, Ready-to-cook meals

• Organic Porridge

• Organic Soup or Bouillon

• Organic Noodles & Pastas, Instant Noodles, Boiled noodles

Packing available :

• Bulk packaging: 20kg., 25kg. bag / custom sizes available

• Retailed pack: bottle, jar, bag / customized to your needs

*Shelf-life : 12 months

Product list :

Seasoning powder

Seasoning For Snack: For dusting potato chips, cracker or extruded snack

Ex. Garlic&Pepper, Tom Yum, Yellow Curry, Masala, Sweet Chilli & sour cream, BBQ, Pizza,  Cheese & onion, Choco-banana

Seasoning for Noodle or other quick meal : For combination with Instant noodle, Boiled noodle, Vermicelli or Porridge

Ex. Garlic&Pepper, Tom Yum, Kimchi, Masala, Thai green curry, Pho soup, Black pepper & Mushroom, Mixed vegetable

Seasoning for ready to eat or ready to cook

Ex. Mushroom & Vegetables, Chilli & Basil

Seasoning for Marinade: for marinade meat or plant base protein

Ex. Smoky BBQ, Cheese, Sweet Chilli, Chilli&Lime, Smoke Paprika, Garlic&Herbs, Satay, Red curry, Korean BBQ

Seasoning for Soup or Bouillon

Ex Clear soup, Cheese soup, Vegetable soup

Liquid Sauce

Ex. Sweet chili sauce, Pad Thai sauce, Seafood sauce, Chili sauce for both cooking ingredient for dipping for snacks