Organic White Jasmine Rice


Jasmine rice, also known as “Thai Hom Mali”, is one of the world’s most sought-after varieties because of its fragrance and long fluffy grains.

Organic Brown Jasmine Rice


Urmatt’s whole grain organic brown jasmine rice is a healthy alternative to white rice, and its nutlike flavor adds a delicious complexity.

Brown rice contains gamma oryzanol and other antioxidants.

Organic White Long Grain Rice


Similar to its cousin Basmati rice, long grain rice is an excellent fluffy rice.

Organic Brown Long Grain Rice


The bran layer in brown rice gives this high amylose variety more fiber and antioxidants.

Organic Red Rice


Our organic red rice is nutrient-rich, containing anthocyanin and more Vitamin E and iron than other rice varieties.

Organic Black Rice


Black rice is one of the most sought after rice varieties due to its nutritious properties. With a nutty aroma and taste and a rich black-purple color, Urmatt Organic Black Rice is a delicious that complement to a healthy meal.

The bran of our black rice is packed with anthocyanin, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

Organic Glutinous (Sweet) Rice


Also known as sticky rice, this variety has a starch composition with low amylose and high amylopectin.

Organic Parboiled Rice


Our organic parboiled rice contains many of the nutrients from the bran even after polishing.